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September 10, 2018

Into the fall program

Summer is great, right? But, ya know, there is a certain satisfaction in getting back to a steady routine. You know, if you are a young family, kids leave in the morning, come back in the afternoon, you go to work, you come home, you have time together in what is left of the day, all like that. If you are retired, you’ve put away your Bermudas and sandals and are now wearing slacks and some of you are sporting sweaters. At Salamanders, we regularly see retired folks taking their “daily constitutional," stepping out on a vigorous walk around town. Some of you walk to the post-office to collect the mail, while others take a hike over to B&H for your favourite meal ingredients. It’s all so, well, orderly.

And of course, we have the single digit evenings. This past week we hit the grand total of 6 degrees Celsius low. At Salamanders, Emma, our decorator extraordinaire began our seasonal change-over of flowers to mums, out in full force at local suppliers. We chose yellow for our hanging baskets to keep our spirits up as the days get shorter. She also put up some fall highlights inside. We sometimes are in wonder at how our seasons succeed each other so quickly: the longest sun day of the year, June 21st already seems a long time ago, while the shortest day, December 21st appears to be looming. Last Saturday morning, as we were doing our weekly chores at Salamanders, we smelled the distinctly autumn odour of wood smoke in the air: someone had their wood stove or fireplace on.

We’ve also noticed that our guests are tucking into more substantial fare at Salamanders. The nip in the air is telling folks that they need to get those calories under their belt to survive the upcoming winter. We are right there for you, with some hearty fall soups and main meals. In past years, we have noticed that some folks give up the nightly routine and troop down to Salamanders for a family meal. We enjoy this very much so the fall is a very special time for us.

This is also the time of year where we encourage all you party organizers to book your festive season activities NOW, rather than LATER. Every year, we have some disappointed folks who have to choose a second best date rather than the one they really wanted. If you are planning to have your festive season party at Salamanders, please call Liane (at 613-258-2630) as soon as you can with your dates: we can sort your special menu later, but dates are crucial.This is also a reminder that the patio is still open and will be for a while yet. We have blankets for you if it is cool, and lots of good food to warm your tummies. All the best for a wonderful fall (and don’t forget to get ready to cast your ballots at the upcoming Municipal Elections)!

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