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August 8, 2018

The Lazy Days, continued

Ok, we asked for rain, then we got it (we actually started building an Ark) and now it’s dry again. This Global Warming bit is really catching up with us. This a record dry spell for The Forest at LilyPond, our family farm (check us out at  So, all we can hope for now is a wetter end of summer and fall so we don’t get further damage to our grounds and particularly our trees.

Of course, hot days mean big thirsts. Our guests are coming in, raring for fluids. Beer is evaporating as quickly as we can get it in. Sangrias and Smoothies are also very popular because they are cooool! There is a jug of water on every table now, so folks can stay hydrated. And, strangely enough in this weather, there isn’t a thing wrong with appetites, with specials going out like clockwork.

We are getting visitors from all over this summer: a great many of our American friends, folks from Germany and France. They all leave with happy thoughts of Kemptville, despite the hot and humid weather. Many are tourists on the way up or coming back from Nation’s Capital. We appear to have become a Mecca for folks in transit and frankly, we love meeting new people from all over the world. Language never seems to an issue: food and drink is a universal medium.

Ok, so some nights, we admit it, we are swamped. Thank you all for your patience on those busy evenings when everyone shows up at once. That’s kind of why we would appreciate you calling ahead. Mind you, no one has hollered at us; folks just seem to enjoy sitting and nursing their drinks. So, please remember to reserve ahead to make sure you get your favourite table, either out on the patio, in the cool of the bar, or family rooms. Just grab your cell and call one our team at 613-258-2630 and let us know time, numbers and preference. Then you can put us in your contacts so we can see you more often. And, please like and follow us on
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