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January 16, 2020

Warming up the Winter

The festive season’s parties for 2019 were particularly bright and now, some folks are having them in January. Their reasoning is that the period before Christmas is too busy and stressful without trying to fit in a party as well, so why not have it when there is little else going on. Great idea! And we at Salamanders are just as happy having them now rather than the end of last year. As always, just give Liane a shout and she will organize everything.

Meanwhile, we have entered the winter months. We haven’t had much snow yet but Mother Nature will probably take care of that shortly. It would be nice to have an honest to goodness winter with snow on the ground rather than ice and freezing rain. It’s better for outdoor activities all around and the ski resorts are sure hoping for colder and snowier weather. At Salamanders, we hunker down and serve comfort foods, like our newly re-designed pulled pork Po’Boy. It was already a great sandwich, but we have made it even better, as part of Liane’s ongoing continuous improvement. Keep your eyes peeled for seafood chowder: it will surely please your taste buds and warm your tummy.

Of course, this is the season for paying attention to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day. This is a reminder that we are always full up on that day and particularly this year since February 14th falls on a Friday. So lunch and dinner that day will be very busy and we hope that you will make your reservation sooner than later. As always, just call us at 613-258-2630. March 17th and St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us as well. It’s a Tuesday night, but it is always busy and this year again, David Shanahan will take us back to the Auld Green with his Irish tunes and music. This is another date you should reserve for. Liane and her team cook up a special menu for Both Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day and we are sure you will be pleased. Remember last year’s Guinness Cake?

Ok, so it’s the short march to spring weather. Let’s make it pleasant and warm, with good relationships and let’s “cultivate the habit of being grateful”. All we have is snow which we have learned to enjoy, like the good Canadians that we are. We should be grateful that we are not a country that is on fire, like our friends in Australian or being blown about, as in the Caribbean.

We hope to see you soon at Salamanders

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