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September 14, 2017

It’s Party Time, again!

So, in our last blog we spoke of the Back to School rush and the start of the psychological New Year for Canadians. Well, since then we have had our very first reservation for a holiday party at Salamanders of Kemptville. This is good thinking on the part of the organizers.

So, the issue with the fall is the way it rolls out: first we have the beautiful Indian Summer that we have been having, with the leaves turning red and golden even as the days remain hot and sunny. So, we are lulled into thinking that it is forever.

Soon enough, though, Thanksgiving celebrations roll around and many turkeys give up their lives to the cause. Shortly thereafter, we have Hallowe’en, then, it’s a scant 54 days to The Big Day: Christmas. Those of you who think ahead and reserve your holiday party now (and not in October when the early birds have secured the worm, as it were) will have the time to plan your event with Liane and her team so that things aren’t rushed. Don’t get us wrong: we will try to accommodate everyone but we really, really encourage y’all who want a spot for celebrating the holiday season, chez nous, to book as early as you can. Salamanders of Kemptville is a very popular spot for celebrations among good people!

You can tell the seasons are changing by the changes at Salamanders: the mums are out, the traditional hay bales are in place and Emma, our interior decorator, has renewed the inside of the restaurant. We will mark the passing days with the Hallowe’en theme and then, we are sure you remember how spectacular we look around holiday time. This is when we go all out to put you in the mood for celebrating.So, book ahead, why don’t you… All you have to do is ring up Liane at 613-258-2630 and land on a date for your special party. The rest is up to us!

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