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March 30, 2019

Our Hawaiian Odyssey

I wrote this blog poolside in Hawaii. My view at the time was of swaying palms and of trees covered with red blossoms (it’s spring in the islands). Every once and a while, one of these extravagant blooms detached itself and sailed down into the water. The coconut oil odours on baking bodies mingled with a barbecue sizzling close by.

We were the happy guests at Aulani, Walt Disney’s superb resort close by Pearl Harbour on Oahu. Back in 2008, when money was more available, our family invested in a Disney Club membership. We are grateful for that membership now when the economy is a lot tighter. It has meant very inexpensive annual holidays for our entire family, which we couldn’t have afforded otherwise.

On our annual forays, we, the originators of Salamanders, are always on the lookout for new food experiences to bring back home to you, our guests and friends. This year is no exception.

Mind you, some dishes aren’t very replicable in Kemptville. Poke is one of them. It is a delightfully tasty dish of raw fish, often Ahi Tuna, mixed with spices and oils, such as sesame oil and seeks. Ayden and I gorged on this fish protein dish as often as we could. Another dish that probably wouldn’t make it in North Grenville is Spam sushi. It is exactly what it says: a slice of Spam atop sticky rice and wrapped in sea weed. This, my friends, is an acquired taste, to be sure. Spam is sold by the case at the local Costco.

Garlic Shrimp, with some adjustments to suit the local taste buds, is definitely coming home with us. In fact, we plan on making a whole lot more use of shrimp and sea food for patio fare this spring and summer. So, we were thinking of your tummies while we were getting some rest and expanding ours. Meanwhile, while we were away, you folks at home had some symptoms of an early spring. This might mean an early patio season. We should be so blessed!

We want to thank all of the members of the Salamanders Team for stepping up to the plate during our vacation: Hailee, Jessica,Kailyn, KC G. and KC T., Sarah, Shane, Tiffany and Tyler. We thank you and thank you and thank you...

All the best from Liane, Beth, Emma, Ayden, Steve and Paul

~Paul Cormier

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