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September 4, 2019

10 years have passed…

We, the Salamanders team, are amazed, gratified and excited. It was worth it after all, this crazy business called operating a restaurant. It has been 10 years since we opened our home away from home. Since then, we have welcomed young and old, watched tykes grow into youngsters, said tearful goodbyes to faithful seniors who have left us, participated in the excitement of a growing Kemptville and North Grenville, and been involved in many events in the community. We have hosted weddings and on a more sombre note, funeral lunches. We have refreshed our décor almost yearly and we certainly have come a long way with our menu, offering new and tasteful dishes while retaining our guests’ many favourites. We have decorated at Hallowe’en, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Our patio is legendary and grows (literally) more beautiful each and every year. We now boast some of the most beautiful art in the region thanks to the collaboration and generosity of the North Grenville Arts Guild. Beth and Paul, the seniors of Salamanders, limp a little more but are still very much involved. And Liane, our resident culinary genius, is still leading her team of chefs, cooks and servers into new experiences.

There is no magic formula for a restaurant like Salamanders. It is quite simply the result of hard work and long hours, week after week. Since that day back in September of 2009, when the great Nik Wellstein was still among us, encouraging us by his generosity, to where we are today, there is no counting the level of effort needed to have such a place as Salamanders. We have continued to enjoy the helpful support of Carolyn Wellstein, who has followed in her late husband’s footsteps.

And so, we would like to share our celebration with you. Over the weekend of September 20, 21, and 22, we will have special menus and all of our team in house to remember our old and loyal friends, greet new ones and generally enjoy each other’s company. There will be live entertainment every evening, with great folks like André Courtemanche on Friday, Roxy’s Proxy on Saturday, and John Wilberforce on Sunday. We invite you all to come in and participate in our Great Event, our 10 year anniversary party. Please bring your stories, your memories and your smiles to Salamanders and help make these three days into an experience to be cherished for the next 10 year.

Oh, and remember: you still need to drop us a line or give us a call and let us know you are joining us (613-258-2630). See you then!

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