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December 30, 2017

Happy New Year!

We at Salamanders of Kemptville have high hopes and plans for 2018:

*  We wish to sustain and grow our loyal clientele;
*  We hope to implement new and exciting recipe ideas from our travels this winter;
*  We want to continue providing you with a fresh, new environment each season;
*  We hope to see generations of guests returning to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries;
*  We’d love to see some more weddings and receptions on our patio.
*  We plan to deal successfully with the economic changes that are coming to the entire hospitality and retail sector in Ontario.
*  We hope for a healthy year for our entire team and for all of our guests.

The downtown has experienced a lot of growth this past year. We at Salamanders have been proud and happy to have participated in the activities that have brought this about. We will continue to be part of the economic development activities of our Business Improvement Area and of our Chamber of Commerce. We hope that these two great organizations will continue to collaborate on making our downtown a vibrant place.

That’s because we want the good folks of North Grenville to treat our downtown as a destination for meeting all kinds of needs. We at Salamanders can’t imagine being anywhere else than in downtown Kemptville.So, we wish each and every one of you a happy, prosperous and above all, healthy 2018 and an even better year than the last one. All the best from the Salamanders Team: Good Food, Good People….

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