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June 20, 2018

Summer in the Country

Ah, the first day of summer. “The summer solstice (or estival solstice), also known as midsummer occurs when a planet's rotational axis, or geographical pole on either its  Northern or its Southern Hemisphere is most greatly inclined toward the star that it orbits” (according to Wikipedia). Right on. Okey dokey. Got it.

Well, what we folks at Salamanders know is that on June 21, we are blessed with the first day of summer with all of the right signals in place: we have already had a few really hot and sticky days, some lovely and cool sun-drenched ones and our share of rain. The dock is in the water right in front of the patio, kids have already been swimming in the Reach and the bass fishermen have been casting to try their luck. The flower and plant sales have petered out since all of Kemptville has done their spring planting. Our patio aficionados are hard at it: some folks only have the time for a quick lunch away from work and leave reluctantly; others linger over their summer drinks and food treats. Others move their meetings to the restaurant and get the best of both work and play. No one seems bothered by the odd ant, black fly or mosquito trying to benefit from the patio’s bounty or our friend the squirrel who drops by from time to time for a treat. Oh, and Ma Snapping Turtle deposited her eggs along the Salamanders stairway down to the patio the other day. It’s the second year in a row and we had a crowd of baby turtles fighting their way down to the water last year. A couple of them ended up on the patio just to say hello, we guess.

Kemptville is really “country”. You can feel it in the air, the relaxed feel to the place, the joyful “good mornings”, the conversation about the first hay crop being lifted and speculation about a second cut, the deep blue of the Reach and the Rideau and folks gone missing in the company of their fishing poles. Even the antique car shows that take place frequently in town add to the feeling of a bunch of great people just enjoying a great time.

We at Salamanders love being part of the feeling of country. Our travel in from the family farm each morning and the spirit of community as our loyal guests – our friends, really – drop by for a drink, some lunch or simply a chin wag, shouts out the huge benefits in being away from the city and in The Country. We are all just better for it, we think. So think the refugees from the city that drop by from time to time... So, let’s enjoy our summer in the country and everything that it has to offer.

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