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July 6, 2017

Graduation Time!

“No more pencils, no more books; no more teacher’s, dirty looks...” This may have been the case many years ago but times have changed. Schools today are totally different, complete with media arts centres, improv and theatre groups, and exciting projects that take students on field trips. Teachers are playing the role of valued facilitators of learning much more. So, the end of June is bitter-sweet for the students: great to have a summer holiday; sorry to see the past year over.

And then, there are the grads: the Salamanders Team have had the great pleasure in greeting  graduation classes who are celebrating one of life’s great passages: either from primary to high school, or from high school to college and university. We are especially pleased because one of the members of our team, Emma, graduated from Grade 8 and is anxious to attend secondary school in the fall. Emma, at the tender age of 14, is our resident decorator – she also entertains on special evenings in the company of her grandpa Paul.

During the summer, we love to see any age of children and young adults coming to Salamanders. We already have some young guests with discerning tastes and favourite dishes. That means that these folks will grow up to complete adulthood with well-trained taste buds; they’ll be able to know the difference between the fast food culture and fine dining. We especially love it when youngsters try something new, as they develop and grow.

 By the way, have you noticed how fast childhood seems to be for parents and grandparents? We watch in amazement as babies grow into toddlers, then move into kindergarten, then to primary school – well, you get the picture. Grandpa Paul remembers crooning opera tunes to Ayden as a baby not so long ago. Well, the baby is now 16 years old and a valuable member of Salamanders maintenance team. If you didn’t know it already, Salamanders is a family operation; and we ourselves are all about family. And, we look forward to serving your family this summer during the summer holiday season.


May 25, 2017

Salamanders: a Part of the Downtown

Salamanders of Kemptville is located right downtown. Like, we mean, Right Downtown... We are practically under the Prescott Bridge, for goodness sake and just at the point where the old river meets the new. What do we mean? Well, the Kemptville Creek, Rideau Reach or extension of the Rideau River as it is variously called, meanders all the way up to the municipal dock located in the municipal park in front of Salamanders. Above the bridge, you will find extreme rapids in spring and a shallow creek flowing over stones the rest of the year. If you look up the history of the downtown, Salamanders would likely have been underwater in past times, because Kemptville sported a full port of call with fairly hefty ships dropping in to deliver goods. Meanwhile, in spring, it’s pretty nifty to see kayaks shooting out from under the bridge into the relatively calm waters beyond.

We are proud of being downtown. As a keen supporter of the Old Town Kemptville Business Improvement Area, we are constantly trying to improve the experience of visitors to the downtown area. We love it when people cycle in, or park somewhere and wander the streets. Ok, in early spring, there’s some clean-up to do, but it doesn’t take long for businesses and the municipality to smarten up the area so the downtown looks inviting and interesting. At Salamanders, we even sweep the side of the street in front of the restaurant, getting rid of those pesky cigarette butts.

Occasionally, a boat or some kayaks tie up at the municipal dock and drop in for lunch or dinner. Talk about great parking! The boat owner just rows or putts up to the dock, ties on and walks a few yards to our patio. The return trip is just as good. Downtown Kemptville viewed from the water and the basin of the Reach is pretty impressive, as witness an excellent photo taken by one of our guests and displayed in our dining room. We hope, over time, to attract more competitors, as in, more restaurants to the downtown, so that folks have a variety of foods that they can select from. We hope also that more people will come to live in the downtown: some of the streets in the old town sport gorgeous older homes at prices that make them very affordable. Come to the downtown. Use Salamanders of Kemptville as your base of operation for walking, cycling or just enjoying the warm spring and summer days. Remember us: Good Food! Good People!


April 6, 2017


An-ti-ci-pa-tion (a noun) from the latin literally meaning “taking into possession beforehand.”

This is undoubtedly what we had in mind last weekend when we put out two patio tables and eight chairs: we were “taking possession of the patio” just a tad ahead of the season. And yes, we had one brave couple sitting out there in last Sunday’s brilliant sun.

Anyone who has ever visited Salamanders during the summer season remembers that same sunlight highlighting the colours of our flower arrangements. When you arrive on the Salamanders patio in season, you are immediately struck by how beautiful it has been decorated to link to the flowing waters of the Rideau Reach. This is why on hot summer days, our patio is packed with guests looking for a quiet place to enjoy a cocktail and a lunch or dinner that is light, seasonal and tasty. We really enjoy it when new guests arrive and are just about gobsmacked as they enter our cast iron gateway.

A lot of loving work goes into our patio each spring. Emma and Paul, supported by Ayden and Steve (for the heavy lifting) do all of the designing and planting, with everyone providing ideas for the year’s “display.” The end of the patio against the wall leading up to the Rotary Park is a focal point for bright colours. Baskets of flowers hang from the colonial posts and large concrete pots from Hansen’s in Kemptville show off the best of the season’s growth. The patio’s flower garden needs and gets constant attention to keep it fresh and vibrant for our guests throughout the summer. Some guests, who are horticulturally inclined, comment on the evolution of the plant-life throughout the summer and into the fall.

And that’s not all: the patio is surrounded by parkland, from the Rotary Park up above right down to the town’s dock, where small craft tie up all during the summer either to join us at Salamanders for lunch or dinner or to visit the sights in Downtown Kemptville. The Downtown is also flowered up with large baskets hanging here and there. We, the members of the Salamanders of Kemptville maintenance, upkeep and refit team do our civic best in maintaining our patio’s surroundings in peak condition by cleaning up refuse and cigarette butts and keeping the lawns green and tidy. 

 So, yes, we are in a state of an-ti-ci-pa-tion. We are so looking forward to our season in the sun on our beautiful patio, the best in town. We are Salamanders of Kemptville.


January 26, 2017

Apart from the fine food at Salamanders of Kemptville, we have become the premier spot for business meetings. It’s easy to understand why: no blaring televisions, no background noise and the exact right atmosphere for actually hearing the other person speak.

 Of course, when you couple that with a fine lunch or dinner, a business meeting doesn’t get any better. By the way, the word “business” comes from the old English “bisgnis” meaning “careful, occupied and diligent." So, you can be careful (and caring), occupied and diligent in the quiet comfort of Salamanders of Kemptville. The topic doesn’t matter: the comfort of a place where you can sit and quietly discuss something of mutual concern certainly is.

Sometimes we get large business groups joining us for lunch. These groups will order ahead of time so that when they get to Salamanders, their lunch is ready to be served. The result: in and out in an hour. Other business meetings are more intimate, e.g. a two-some or a four-some. Some business associates like to linger over a beer or a glass of wine. Everyone certainly orders up their favourite lunch or dinner from our specials list or the regular menu.

Book your business meeting with Salamanders of Kemptville. Just a simple call will do it and we’ll be ready to serve you!


November 24, 2016

For those who lunch...

A good lunch spot is like a closely guarded secret. You don’t want everyone to know about it for fear of it getting too popular but you might be willing to let a chosen, select few people in on it – if they play their cards right, that is.

No matter where you work or how you fill your days, a change of scenery is best when it comes to lunch. A recent study highlighted the fact that office workers who eat at their desk – and who likely think they’re getting more done by staying put – are actually less productive than their co-workers who leave and take a proper break.

Office workers need a momentary escape from the grid of cubicles, people who toil outdoors need a comfortable place to refresh and restore and even retirees or work-at-home freelancers and consultants can benefit from a new vista.

Salamanders of Kemptville is open for lunch Tuesdays through Sundays starting at 11:30 am. Our lunch menu includes appetizers, soups and salads, sandwiches and all day fare. Liane Tucker’s team of culinary artists creates upscale dishes including baked brie, hot artichoke dip, curried chicken salad, gourmet burgers, Swiss crepes, together with a host of classic home-style favourites like quesadillas, nachos, wings and pulled pork sandwiches.

It’s a great place to bring clients or colleagues, friends and family. You can have a working lunch or ban shoptalk altogether and simply indulge in some good old-fashioned socializing.

The picturesque, riverfront setting at Salamanders adds a vacation or getaway element to your midday break. You can have a satisfying meal and really feel you’ve treated yourself to some time away.

 Be in touch. We’d love to see you…

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