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 Special Events

June 27, 2018

So, we’re Canadjuns, eh?

We are a very recognizable folk, ya know. We have travelled far and abroad, and people in other countries get to spot us pretty quickly. In Paris, for example, all Grandpa Paul had to do when he was doing some work over there was speak one sentence in the language of Molière and the restaurant staff would know that he was from Canada. This gave rise to him recounting the story of the Acadians and the Cajuns, to a rapt audience and extra kind service.

People love Canadians. We are kind, polite (almost apologetic), take the time to talk to people and always very helpful. Though there are probably some around, most Canadians represent our country well as a peace-loving, generous and unassuming people. Even those Canadians who have made their living in other countries like the US are recognizable: Jim Carrey, Lorne Greene, Alex Trebek. Our hockey players are without doubt the best. And, yes, we did invent basketball, no matter what that other country says. And, we have this huge country with very few people, relatively speaking.

We at Salamanders have welcomed folks from all over the world in the many years we have been in downtown Kemptville: lots of visitors from below the border, but also people from France, England, China, Chile, the Netherlands and all. It has been our privilege to serve them and show them just a tiny bit of Canada. Conversely, our guests travel the world and you might want to check in on our Salamanders collection brought home by those good people who remember our kindness to them.

So, Canada Day is our way of celebrating all that is good about our country. We don’t make a great splash about it as in other places but we don’t need to. We know what we have: just the best darn place to raise a family and live well in the entire world… We know it, maybe we just need to say it more often. Happy Canada Day from the team at Salamanders of Kemptville! See you Sunday on the patio!


December 3, 2017

Salamanders Annual New Year’s Eve Celebration

For the past eight wonderful years, Salamanders has held its traditional New Year’s Eve Celebration, ushering out the old and bringing in the new. And every year, we seem to do a little bit extra. This year is no exception.

Liane and her team have put together a tasty and entertaining package for you. First, there are a couple of seasonal drinks you may wish to try: our Peppermint Mocha White Russian and savour our special Christmas Cookie. These are designed to set up your taste buds for some classic appetizers, such as our very own Cajun Shrimp Dip, or our Sun-Dried Tomato Parmesan Spring rolls or some Coconut Shrimp.

For your main course, you’ll be able to choose from our menu of Prime Rib cooked to your liking, Blackened Seafood Alfredo, Creole Chicken Parmesan or Sangria Glazed Salmon topped with a citrus salsa. Delectable!

We have already mentioned in previous blogs that the Salamanders desserts are a must for completing a perfect evening. So, for the event and among many other sweet happenings, Liane and her team have confected a White Chocolate Cranberry Cheesecake and our legendary Salted Caramel Brownies.  

Our wines are ready to accompany any and all of the dishes you choose, from robust reds to accompany the roast beef to some more delicate whites for the chicken and seafood. …

And during all of this, you will enjoy the delightful sound of The Rifle and The Writer with Rebekka and Colby sharing their increasingly popular talents with you. Check them out at So, reserve your table now for New Year’s Eve, December 31st, the last day of the year 2017, at Salamanders of Kemptville. Use our contact form on this site or give us a call.


June 30, 2017

Not one, but TWO birthdays on July 1st

As Canada approaches it's 150th birthday, did you know that Kemptville will be celebrating it's 161st? Queen Victoria signed "The Act to Incorporate the Village of Kemptville" on July 1, 1856, to take effect on January 1, 1857. I could go on, but the good people of North Grenville have constructed a fantastic history of our town and can be found here.

What also can't be missed, are the historic walking tours of our communities. Take a look and see how many buildings you recognize today.

We, at Salamanders of Kemptville, wish you a wonderful Canada Day. Drop by and say hello if you do your own walking tour...


June 22, 2017

Getting Ready...

We are all privileged, in a very real sense. First, we are Canadians; second, we have a chance of a life-time to celebrate a very special birthday, Canada’s 150th. When you consider what other people are going through across the world, we in Canada have a great deal to be thankful for. One of the first things we hear from refugees who find a new home in Canada is how secure they feel compared to how they felt back in their own countries, often in turmoil.

So, let’s take the time to celebrate! But not only celebrate - we need to also appreciate. When we sit down as families and friends on Saturday, July 1st and enjoy some summer drinks and a meal together, we should be able to feel grateful that we are in a country where we can actually enjoy ourselves without much of a second thought.

The Salamanders Team is gearing up for a fine day of enjoyment. We will welcome the children – as we always do – with a cookie station. Parents can enjoy some Red and White drinks and desserts. We hope Mother Nature will join in and give us a superb Patio Day. All this is to celebrate the fact that our country has been in existence now for 150 years; and that we appreciate it; and that we enjoy it; and that we want to mark it as a special, once in a life-time day...

Happy Birthday, Canada!


June 1, 2017

Portrait of an Artist – Gertrude Cecilia Thibert, 1904-2005

“The Thibert family was pleased to present the art of Gertrude Thibert at Salamanders of Kemptville on 27 and 28 May, 2017.

“Gertrude was born the oldest of then children, on the River Road farm to Timothy and Mary McGahey of South Gower Township, Ontario in 1904. As a young woman she obtained her teaching diploma in North Bay as she was too young to attend University. Gertrude was a founding teacher and the first principal of Holy Cross Separate School in Kemptville, Ontario. The school started out as a four room school house in September 1961. Alongside her were the sister-in-law Theresa McGahey and her friend Mary Beach. She retired from her role as teacher and principal in 1971.

“Gertrude’s love of nature was depicted in her many paintings. She would go on to travel extensively throughout Europe in her retirement where she sketched, painted, took photos and kept diaries of her travels and the nature she found there. In her cottage on the Rideau River, Gertrude spent an immeasurable amount of time using the ideas found in her own luxurious gardens of roses and flowers. The flowers were popular natural subjects that she used in her paintings.

“Many of Gertrude’s significant landscape paintings invite us into a relationship with the view she had created from her memory and notes; are all recognisable with her brush styles and her personal stroke techniques using the media of oils, some acrylic and in later years water colour. Gertrude became an authority in water colour, depicting her beloved flowers and bringing them to life for us to gaze upon. This was truly a gift she had in the face of a challenging technique. Gertrude’s eyesight began failing her in her eighties and though unable to see colour well she could still make out shadows and continued to pain until she no longer could. Gertrude was still interested in her craft and was happy to share technique applications, hatching and cross-hatching for sketches. She also taught the arrangement of light and how it should be placed in painting and drawing. Gertrude gifted her art to close friends and family and her works hang in many of our homes; in a way, they have become memorable centrepieces reminding us of how many of us came to be here. When we rest our eyes on these beautiful pieces she’s created, it reminds us of the artist behind the eyes that saw to making the images we are so fortunate to own.”

 ~ Julia Catherine Thibert – Granddaughter to Gertrude


May 4, 2017

Weddings, we’ve got weddings...

When the cold winds of winter and the icy rain of April finally leave our area, a young man’s – and a young woman’s – fancy turns to love. And so, they make it official and they wed...

Weddings are time for a great deal of preparation, a few short days of hectic activity and celebration and a couple of weeks of a honeymoon trip, very often in some exotic place. Some weddings are more sedate and concentrate on the spiritual side of the event; others are more raucous and involve much drinking, music, dancing and laughter. One thing is certain, every wedding is a one-off day of happiness and special in its own way. 

At Salamanders of Kemptville, we have enjoyed celebrating many weddings with our guests. For small wedding parties we close one side of our restaurant and patio for the event. We plan the menu, help the organizers decorate, ensure the cake is delivered on time and generally try to reduce the stress associated with the amount of preparation going into a very concentrated day of celebration. When you book Salamanders for a wedding, there is no charge for the use of our space: everything is included in the price of the food and drink.

For larger weddings, Salamanders makes our farm available. The Forest at LilyPond is a 200 acre eco-farm located in the highlands just above Merrickville. “The Farm,” as it is affectionately called by our family can be set up for any size of wedding, featuring marquee tents and lots of activity such as hay rides, a horse-shoe pitch and sand volleyball court. We have seen our guests, fresh out of the wedding ceremony and still wearing their outfits, kick off their shoes and just enjoy the day. One of the tents contains a dance floor and you can select live or DJ music for the event. Of course, there are full change facilities in case guests wish to have a swim in our pool.So, whether you are on a tight budget or have a bit more to spend, Salamanders of Kemptville can customize wedding activities to your needs. We can help with the rehearsal supper, the gift opening brunch as well as the reception itself. We are linked with a broad range of service agencies that provide everything from wedding photos to limos. Just give Liane a call: she’ll be happy to sit down with you and figure out a package that will suit you.


March 23, 2017

Lights Out at Salamanders

The idea of a large scale switch off was coined and developed in 2006 as an initiative in Australia to engage the public on the issue of climate change. Originally called “The Big Flick,” the very first Earth Hour was March 31, 2007 at 7:30 pm, local time. In October of that year, San Francisco, California followed suit. 2008 was the first year that Earth Hour was held internationally. Earth Hour 2008 was celebrated on all seven continents. Landmarks all around the world turned off their non-essential lighting for Earth Hour, including:
-  Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia);
-  Empire State Building (New York City);
-  Sears Tower (now Willis Tower, Chicago, US);
-  National Monument (Jakarta, Indonesia);
-  Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, US);
-  Bank of America Plaza (Atlanta, US);
-  Space Needle (Seattle, US);
-  Table Mountain (Cape Town, South Africa);
-  Coliseum (Rome, Italy);
-  CN Tower (Toronto, Canada);
-  Wat Arun Temple (Bangkok, Thailand); and
-  London City Hall (London, England).

This year, the Mill Street Brewery will host “Lights Out with Mill Street” – candle lit parties that join the community in a symbolic environmental effort. Each participating restaurant will feature live acoustic performances over candle light by bands from Indie Week! Mill Street Brewery will donate $0.50 to Earth Day Canada for each pint sold.

On Saturday, March 25, we will be participating in lights out from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. We are pleased to have The Rifle & The Writer joining us. What’s even more exciting is that their debut album "Flowers of Chance" was released on March 20, 2017.

 So come visit us at Salamanders of Kemptville this Saturday. Support a local up-and-coming band. Enjoy a pint or two by candlelight. We look forward to seeing you.